receding into the sun

✤ thirty two; (a long time you waited; you thought it had abated)

[✤PHONE; FILTERED; ◤Jane Smith.◢]

[He knows he has to do this. And he's going to get it right this time. He will not place himself, America, or Samantha in danger again.

It's been a few months, but he thinks he's ready to ease into it again. This time, he will approach it from a different angle: he needs to get to know the drone Jane Smith before he can try to help Samantha Achewood.]

Hello, Mrs. Smith?

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✤ thirty one; (it ain't over, i'm not done)


[Did you know that 945 Beulah Street is pretty much the ugliest house in all of Mayfield now? Because it really is. There's a giant banyan tree in the backyard thanks to Taiwan, and then she went ahead and painted the entire house orange a month or so ago.

And now, thanks to Netherlands' latest regain, there is a windmill on the front lawn.

It's a very traditional windmill, though it's been scaled down a little to fit- it's no taller than the house itself. But there it sits innocuously in front of the obnoxiously orange house, an all-too-cliche symbol of Dutch history and culture.

Netherlands seems pretty damn pleased about the whole thing, examining the windmill from all angles, inspecting it for authenticity, and then eventually going in and checking that everything's working. It seems to be functioning perfectly- it's just a little bit smaller than he's used to.

Eventually he takes Chocomeltje and finds a place beneath it to sit with a joint and the rabbit on his lap, looking unusually content. Feel free to ruin this by pointing out how utterly hideous the windmill makes Beulah Street look.]

[✤PHONE; FILTERED; ◤All cosplay cafe workers.◢]

[and later!]

...So. Japan's back.

For those of you that joined th'cafe after he left, he founded it. He doesn't remember anythin' this go-around, but I wanted t'have some kinda welcome back thing for him. Y'can come up with new costumes, or whatever- [clears his throat.] Hn. Doesn't matter. Just make him feel welcome, ja?

I'll decide on a date later.
come so far don't lose me

✤ thirty; (you tune into my frequency, but that don't mean a thing to me)

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[And at this precise moment, Chocomeltje, despite being a bunny, appears to smile with her little bunny face. (Her little demonic bunny face.)

She rabbitsmiles and reaches out one fat paw to knock the phone off the hook, and so all of Mayfield hears Netherlands say this:]


-I slept with my fucking sister.

[And that is all. A tittery rabbity sound can be heard, and then the phone is hung up again.]

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if i had a heart i could love you

✤ twenty nine; (my head is at half; i'm searching the clouds for the score)

[He snapped out of his droning a few hours ago.

-and then hadn't said a word about it, quietly checking a calendar- (Missed my own fuckin' birthday? Tch)- and ensuring that Taiwan continued to sleep safely in their bed. He'd silently checked on Saki and Mindy, as well, pausing only briefly at their doorways before gently picking up Chocomeltje from her pen in the living room with a murmured apology.

Checking with the drones was difficult, but he'd managed to pull from them enough glossed-over information to make a vague picture of what had happened over the past week and a half. Checking in on Japan had confirmed it.

Is de hemel al te blauw, spoedig wordt hij dan weer grauw.

'If the sky is too blue, it will soon be grey again.'

He thinks he should talk to Belgium. To Canada. To Lucas or Margot. But he doesn't do any of these things.

He's at the top of the small mountain- the summit, Makeout Point- with his car parked there. He sits on the hood of it, Chocomeltje nestled in his scarf where it hangs more loosely from his neck. Now and then he'll speak quietly to her, but mostly he sits smoking and staring out at the town below him with a haunted look.]
so he gave it a name

✤ twenty eight; (drawn too close and gone in a flash)

[So. Never mind that he hasn't even met her. Never mind that she's been in Mayfield for all of a day.

Netherlands has somehow found out that a female Japan is now in Mayfield, and so all of Mayfield gets this phone message.]

Japan. The girl one.

Can I take you on a date?
tsun tsun tsun dere dere dere

✤ twenty seven; (rabbit trips can take their time)

[Netherlands hadn't bothered to contact others much during Mayfield's time as a Soviet town- he had been too busy running around assuring himself that Belgium, Canada, and the others he cared about were okay. He hadn't done his assigned job, either, but somehow avoided re-education entirely.

The morning they all wake up back in regular Mayfield, he feels pissed off at himself for actually being a little bit grateful to be back.]
Of course that's what they want us to think. [Clever fucking bastards, whoever's in charge here, he thinks.

He gets up to check the mail, like he does every day. It's the usual- bills and other mundane things- but then there's also a small crate with holes punched in the top addressed to him. Frowning- he remembers the last time he got a crate here- he carefully peels off the top. What he finds inside surprises him.

It's his pet bunny!

The bunny is a fat little thing, and extremely overly friendly. She looks quite eager to see him, wiggling around in the box and placing her paws up on the edge until he reaches in and picks her up. It's been five months since he last saw her, and he's missed her sorely. Yeah, so the man's best friend might just be a bunny, deal with it. Back home, he lives alone nowdays- no more happy little colonies, and both of his siblings have long been independent- and so she's his only roommate. Not having her around has been a sore spot for him.]


[So for all of you that are used to Netherlands being Incredibly Stoic, Srs Bsns, And Manly, that is not what you'll see today. He's letting the 'dere' of his tsundere out petting the bunny, cuddling it, rolling around with it on the grass- and he doesn't seem to remember that people may be watching. The bunny, on her part, is very receptive to all of this and doesn't seem perturbed by the slightest being in an unfamiliar place, so long as she's with her longtime owner.]

[ooc; Netherlands' rabbit does not have a canon name, so I'm going with Parron's adorable suggestion of naming her after Chocomel. The 'tje' is a diminutive which, in Dutch, is sometimes placed on the end of names to give them an endearing/cute quality. Roughly, 'little Chocomel'. Chocomeltje!]
this shit is canon right here

✤ twenty six; (you can't take it anywhere)

[The phone is picked up. For a while, there's silence and the sound of a cigarette being lit. And then,]

Happy Birthday, Canada. Even if it's here, I wish y'the best. Y'deserve it. All of it.

[A long pause, and then Netherlands' languid tone turns hard and determined.]

Listen th'fuck up! Today's Canada Appreciation Day because I goddamn say so! You wanna learn about Canada? Of course you do, so head the hell over to 945 Beulah Street so I can teach you.

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